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Internet – thankful I can “speak” to a wide audience via this tool

– it’s my “classroom”


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Never allow a corrupt person, party or government

to “define” crime for you.

– eab, 11/8/14

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Some sower’s seed fell on the road,

Or in bad land briefly abode,

Among thorns other was found,

But thankfully some found ground,

And multiplied – a wagon load. (Mat 13, “The Parable Chapter”)

  • – eab, Nov. ‘05

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John Hyde “Praying Hyde” was born 11/9/1865, Carrolton, IL son of a Presbyterian minister who in public & family altar prayed God to thrust out laborers into His harvest.  John graduated from college & was elected to a faculty position there but soon resigned to enter McCormick Theological Seminary.  With a call to India he departed Oct 1892 to preach in the Punjab region.  On the way, he read a letter from a friend who said he would ask God to fill John with the Holy Spirit. Angry at the suggestion that he did not already have the Spirit, he threw it away.  However he then humbled himself and prayed to God for help.

He came to believe a thorough knowledge of God’s Word to be more important to his success as a missionary than anything else.  His ministry of prayer during the next 20 years was such that some natives referred to him as “the apostle of prayer.”  Face to face with the eternal he learned amazing lessons of prayer.  He is said to have spent 30 days and nights in prayer & other times be on his knees in deep intercession for 36 hours.  Hyde helped establish the annual Sialkote Conferences, from which thousands of missionaries & native workers returned, empowered anew and afresh for the work.  He died 2/17/1912.  

Personal Note: I would encourage readers to learn more about this holy, praying man!

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