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For Nov. 13

M. Martha – high school Sweetheart, Wife of 53 years – stuck by me in hard/happy times

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Why is the church looking to the world for leadership ideas?

Is it because we are not having Holy Spirit leadership?

– eab, 8/7/10

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A rock and a tree are side by side,

The one alive, the other never died.

The one trim and tall, the other squat,

One “changeless,” the other will rot.

The one was here when Adam was here,

When human’s first sin brought the first stinging tear.

It felt the lap of The Flood in its face,

And knew earth’s tremor, when Christ died in disgrace.

– eab, Nov. ‘77

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Phineas F. Breese died 11/13/1915 at Los Angeles. 

He was the primary founder of the Church of the Nazarene.                    

Phineas Bresee quote (this one speaking about church buildings)

“We want places so plain that every board will say welcome to the poorest.”


“That a people are poor and weak and despised is no shadow to dim their hope.  If they have God’s gift of the Holy Spirit there is nothing to which He calls but that they may do.”


(NOTE – if you are Nazarene, or a close friend, please post some quotes from Breese online.  Or if they are there please give me location.)

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