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Q.  Questions – my better students asked questions – I like to ask them too


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Christ did not die that men be religious.

Christ died that men may be sinlessly righteous.

If you are sinning you are living on the level of a sinner and below the level of a Christian.

– eab, 11/17/14

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It takes a lot of pluck,

To seriously try your “luck”

Positioning a hard puck, [1]

Without getting dumb struck.

– You’ll do all that for a buck?

– eab, Nov. ‘05

[1] Written in Kingston, Ontario, – Of course hockey is THE sport of Canada.

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English-born Rodney “Gipsy” Smith, 16 was converted to Christ 11/17/1876.  He taught himself to read, became a Salvation Army officer (invited to the Army by Booth himself) and later was associated with the Methodist.  He traveled several times to America.  He sang (when younger known as the singing Gipsy boy) and preached, emphasizing the love of God.  His life was from 3/31/1860 to 8/4/1947.

Smith quotes:

“I’m God’s messenger from the gypsy tent. And it’s the message that’s important, not the messenger.”

“The way to Jesus is not by Cambridge and Oxford…Princeton, Harvard, Yale, Socrates…It is over an old-fashioned hill called Calvary.”

“I wonder what would happen if the preacher stopped in his sermon next Sunday morning and said, ‘Have you paid your debts this week?’  ‘In what sort of a temper did you come down to breakfast this morning?’”

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