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Then shall the kingdom of heaven be likened unto ten virgins,

which took their lamps, and went forth to meet the bridegroom.


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The Christ of Christmas is the same all year.

The Savior of Seasons is always very near.

The Lamb will lead you, from day to day,

And the Joy of Jesus can be yours all the way.

The Son will shine the whole year round;

If the Prince of Peace your soul has found.

So may He be King of your kingdom,

And may His joy be yours:

As you commemorate the Gift of God,

And your happiness, as an angel, soars. 

– eab, DEC. ’65

[1] Printed at God’s Bible School by my old roommate and friend, Paul Zehr, Berne IN. We roomed when he was a college junior and I a high school junior.

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The idea of all God (grace) and no man (works) does not work in raising a garden,

keeping a house in repair, or building a marriage

God provided the laws of genetics, controls the process of degeneration

(since the fall of man), and created marriage.

Why would He made salvation “all Him” when He made the rest of His world a cooperative affair?

– eab, 7/01

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If there’s a rough sinner you wish to see,

Far removed from you in eternity,

Be forewarned, they probably will not be.

For when he’s received from God what he ought,

And it comes to light, that you loved him not;

Both will be lost, whom Christ’s great blood had bought.

– eab, 12/1/06

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Albert Barnes was born 12/1/1798 at Rome, New York.  After graduating from Hamilton College, Clinton, NY and Princeton Theological Seminary he was ordained as a Presbyterian minister.  He pastored the Presbyterian Church, Morristown, NJ and the First Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia.  He is said to have been an eloquent preacher but his reputation rests mainly on Barnes Notes.  His Notes on the New Testament have reportedly sold more than a million volumes.  Barnes also authored Scriptural Views of Slavery (1846) and The Way of Salvation (1863).  He died 12/24/1870 in Philadelphia.

Barnes to said to have said,

“There is no power out of the church that could sustain slavery an hour, if it were not sustained in it.”

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