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Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. 


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Is it just Christmas, again,

In a world of war and sin?

Another year of tinsel and paper;

Of glamorous gifts, paid for later,

Of loveless homes and empty lives,

And husbands separate from their wives?

Another day, the same as last,

The only difference, a year has past?


No, this year can be,

A joyous Christian reality.

A year when Christ is personal,

Yes, more than an year, eternal;

The Lord of your life, and heart

If not now, then now start.

– eab, Nov. ’67

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Inn Keeper – Not unkind, Not hard

Just busy, Just occupied, Just making another “buck,”

Just seeing only the present moment, Just too tired to read prophecy,

Just too tired to notice the little differences in this couple.  

– eab, uncertain date

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YOU might not have been impressed

When the shepherds came;

One tall and young and strong,

One older, shorter, lame

But they came, all the same.     

– eab, 12/3/06

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Charles Frederick Weigle died 12/3/1966 at Chat­ta­noo­ga, Ten­nes­see.  He early had a love for music and attended the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music (now a part of Univ. of Cincinnati).  After his training he served as singer and an inspiring preacher.  More than 1,000 songs flowed from his pen, the most famous being, “No One Ever Cared for Me Like Jesus.”  His last 15 years were spent on the campus of Tennessee Temple Schools (Chattanooga).  Weigle was born 11/20/1871 at La­Fay­ette, In­di­a­na.  Here is another of his songs we sang in church when I was a boy.



Waiting on the Lord, for the promise given;

Waiting on the Lord, to send from Heaven;

Waiting on the Lord, by our faith receiving;

Waiting in the upper room.


The power! the power!

Gives vict’ry over sin, and purity within;

The power! the power!

The pow’r they had at Pentecost.

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