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A Month from Matthew – 12

And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.  6.12

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Before the fall of satanic force,

When lucifer fell from realms of right,

Christ was totally in charge, of course,

The Commander of pre-sunshine light.


When Eden and its surroundings greened,

Immediately, to the Master’s phrase.

From the Scriptures, it is easily gleaned,

Christ was there in His Creative days.


When Christ, the Commoner, graced the stall,

The sheep, nor their shepherds understood,

That the coming of this newborn, small,

Would be to all humanities good.


Many years there lived and labored hard,

The Carpenter of Nazareth town.

Learned the trade without quota or card,

Before He laid all the mallets down.


Christ the Compassionate, He became;

Easing the ill ones, touching the blind,

Going where mortals were halt or lame,

Leaving a trail of walkers behind.


Sinful men rejected His teaching.

They schemed, and connived and even lied.

Pilate’s water could do no bleaching,

When Jesus died: Christ the Crucified.


The grave was guarded. The stone? immense.

Even the Roman seal was in place.

Then Christ, the Conqueror, came from hence

Vanquishing death, when met face to face.


He came, He left, He will soon appear,

Forever, to be in fullest charge!

Christ the Commander, without a fear,

Ruling then the universe at large.


Commander, Creator, Commoner,

Carpenter, Compassionate, all five.

Crucified, and then death’s Conqueror,

Without which there’d be no hope alive.


Commander again as once before;

The difference? The life He lived with man.

That Gift man commemorates of yore.

Praise Him, Laud Him, for this wondrous plan.

– eab, Dec ‘76

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It is not humorous to link the name of our Lord with some “funny” guy (i.e. “Christian comedian”).

Christ was not funny.  There is no record that He laughed.  

Christ DID promise “…Blessed are ye that weep now: for ye shall laugh” (Luk 6.21).  

I want to be a part of that latter laughter.  

And you?

– eab, 12/12/14

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Heaven was not made for a select few;

It was made for you, and You, and YOU! 🙂

We do not get there with the toss of a dime,

Nor because born in a certain doctrine, or clime,

We get to heaven by obeying God, e-v-e-r-y time.

– eab, 12/12/06

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John Cennick was born 12/12/1718, at Reading, England, to Quaker parents.  He was saved (after doing petty thefts and lying) at 17, hearing in church “Many are the afflictions of the righteous: but the LORD delivereth him out of them all” Psa 34.19.  He met the Wesleys and joined their work.  In 1740, he became a teacher at Kingswood, England, on the recommendation of John Wesley.  Later, he joined the Moravians, and visited their headquarters at Herrnhut, but he spent much of his time as an itinerant evangelist (Britain, Germany, Ireland).  A street was named after him in Gracehill, Ireland, where the local Moravian church has a plaque in his honor.  At his death (7/4/1755, in London, only 36) he left behind a wife, two children, and forty (40) churches he had started.

One of his songs:

Lo! He cometh, countless trumpets  Blow before His bloody sign! ’Midst ten thousand saints and angels,  See the Crucified shine. Allelujah!  Welcome, welcome, bleeding Lamb!

Now His merits by the harpers,  Thro’ the eternal deep resounds! Now resplendent shine His nail-prints, Every eye shall see His wounds; They who pierced Him,  Shall at His appearing wail.

Every island, sea, and mountain,  Heaven and earth shall flee away! All who hate Him must, ashamed,  Hear the trump proclaim His day: Come to judgment!  Stand before the Son of Man!

All who love Him view His glory,  Shining in His bruised face: His dear person on the rainbow,  Now His people’s heads shall raise: Happy mourners!  Now on clouds He comes! He comes!

Now redemption, long expected,  See, in solemn pomp appear: All His people, once despised,  Now shall meet Him in the air: Allelujah!  Now the promised kingdom’s come!

View Him smiling, now determined  Every evil to destroy! All the nations now shall sing Him  Songs of everlasting joy! O come quickly! Allelujah! come Lord, come!

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