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A Month from Matthew – 28

Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.  11.28

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“Job’s spiritual maturity was shown by his ability to handle his good days.”

– Albert Barr, 4/28/1991

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There are loud sounds, there are long sounds; loudness and longness do not equal harmony

When a person seeks to be noticed, he looses his perfect accord and either goes flat (less than God’s vibrations) or becomes sharp (more than God’s vibrations). 

He stands out alright, he is different, not pleasing to God or to God’s people – only pleasing to himself.

– eab,  4/17/10

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Now is our pleasure, in parts divided;

Three ways delighted,

Triplet in nature.

Present, past, future, in thoughts united,

Separately sighted,

In realm of measure.

But in the Land of Bliss, where time is no more,

Pleasure is endless, no after, before.

An eternal kiss on that wondrous shore.

– eab Dec. ’66

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Birdie Harris Bell Winsett died 12/28/1927 at Alton Park (Hamilton County), Tennessee.

Birdie was a primary school teacher in Beulah (later renamed Carter), Oklahoma.  She taught in the Beulah Home of Emmanuel’s Bible School.  While there she met and married Robert Winsett the school’s music teacher (1/15/1908); she bore him three sons and two daughters.  They early-on made their home in Fort Smith, Arkansas, where Robert’s music business was established.  (Robert wrote the 4th stanza to “Living by Faith.”)  She was born 9/8/1876 in Arkansas and wrote “Jesus Understands.”


Bowed beneath your burden, is there none to share? Weary with the journey, is there none to care?

Courage, wayworn traveler, heed your Lord’s commands, There’s a thought to cheer you, Jesus understands.


Yes, He understands, all His ways are best. Hear, He calls to you, Come to Me and rest.

Leave the unknown future in the Master’s hand, Whether sad or joyful, Jesus understands.

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