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He [ Jesus Christ ] was in the world, and the world was made by Him, and the world knew Him not.

– John 1.10   [ Some of the sadder words in this Gospel.]

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“We get in trouble when we do not take the Bible for what it says.”

– G. R. “Bob” French, 6/3/01

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How trusting we are, asking driving directions from total strangers,

but on the Road of Life,

when God wants to direct us,

we won’t follow.

– eab, 1/94

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Off with the glory,

And on with the glitz;

That’s what happens

When God’s not in our midst.   

– eab, 1/10/09

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Helen Cadbury was born 1/10/1877 in Birmingham, England.  When she was 12 she attended a Lord’s Day evening service with her father, Richard Cadbury (of the famous chocolate makers), and was converted to Christ.  As is normal, she began witnessing to her school friends. As they became believers they sewed pockets on their dresses in which to carry the New Testaments her father supplied for them (they had started carrying Bibles to school but found them too heavy).  Hence the founding of “The Pocket Testament League.”  When Helen married the song leader Charles Alexander, he took the plan around the world.  Helen died 3/1/1969.


“If only we could get people to read the Book for themselves it will surely lead them to Christ.”

– Helen Cadbury

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