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“He came unto His own, and His own received Him not.” 

John 1.11  

Super Sad

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“Attacks on the Bible are really attacks on Christ.”

– Eldon R Furhman, PhD, 5/3/88

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What would Jesus do? – Rather – What DID He do?

He healed, touched, fed, calmed, raised, condemned, cleared, & answered

He NEVER struck, killed, cursed, or committed adultery.

– eab, 4/21/09

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God is in the future. God is in the past.

We have only the present and it goes by so fast.

The future lies before us, stretching out of sight.

The past days are opposite; back before there was light.

– eab, 1/11/07

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Timothy Dwight died (of cancer) 1/11/1817 at New Haven, CT.  He was a grandson of Jonathan Edwards, became a Congregational minister, and was a personal friend of George Washington.  He began reading the Bible at four and matriculated at Yale at age 13.  He published an 11-volume Conquest of Canaan (1785), received a Doctor of Divinity degree (Princeton 1787), and became president of Yale University (1795). He also helped found Andover Theological Seminary (first New England seminary 1809).  He had been born 5/14/1752 at Northampton, MA.

Dwight is remembered today as the author of “I Love Thy Kingdom Lord” – believed to be the oldest hymn (by an American) still in common use.  It is one of his 72 known hymns (first two stanza below).

“I love Thy kingdom, Lord, The house of Thine abode,

The church our blessed Redeemer saved With His own precious blood.

“I love Thy church, O God. Her walls before Thee stand,

Dear as the apple of Thine eye, And written on Thy hand.”

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