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And of His [ Jesus Christ ] fulness have all we received, and grace for grace.

John 1.16

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“The highest level of Christian holiness that the Bible teaches is forgiveness.”

– Richard Humble, 10/2/96

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Earth is a Preparation Place:

Saints, because of Christ, find love and joy here, thus a “taste” of heaven.

Sinners, because of rejecting Christ find hate, and pain here, thus a “taste” of hell.

– eab,  2/3/11

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A lone walnut chanced to drop upon the sod alone,

Where it seemed to lie and simply rot, quietly, forlorn.

Its form was changed, its symmetry gone.

Its kernel worthless to eat,

What an untimely end thus to met.


Deep inside its little heart new life was beginning,

Oh, for a fresh start (another game – not a new inning).

A root from it ranged, a shoot saw the dawn,

A tree, from apparent loss.

Victory is always worth the cross.

– eab, 1/16/78

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1/16/1543 the British Parliament prohibited any “women or artificer’s prentices,

journeymen, servingmen of the degree of yeoman or under,

husbandmen or labourers to read the New Testament in English.”   


Soooo – this is a good day to rejoice: 1) that we can read, 

2) that we own a NT,  3) and we can read the NT.

Question.  Have you – YOU – read your Bible/NT today? 

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