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“And this is the record of John, when the Jews sent priests and Levites

from Jerusalem to ask him,  ‘Who art thou?’”

– John 1.19

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“What Scripture tells us that the Spirit will be withdrawn in the tribulation?  None.”

– L L Pickett, from his book The Antichrist

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Question – Who is more dangerous than a left-leaning educator in our midst?

Answer – The left-leaning educator who ONCE was right!

– eab, 12/20/14

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What is the past  – a memory,

Encased in picture and word?

What is the future – a hope

A wish it can afford?

The present is all we have

This moment is all we live.

Use it wisely then to praise

Use it to love and to give.

– eab, 1/19/06

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Charles Price “C P” Jones died 1/19/1949.  He was converted to Christ at about twenty.  While pastoring Baptist churches he clearly saw in Scripture the doctrine of entire sanctification.  Eventually his stand for holiness and for abstinence got him kicked out of his church.  Later he helped form the Church of Christ (Holiness), an important Black holiness denomination, which by-the-way, opposed speaking in tongues.  His first wife, Fannie Brown (wedding date unknown), died in 1916.  He married Pearl Reed 1/4/1918 – to this second marriage were born three sons.  Jones had been born 12/9/1865 in Floyd Co., Georgia.

He wrote over 1,000 Gospel songs; http://www.hymntime.com/tch/bio/j/o/n/jones_cp.htm lists 139 including “All I Need” “Come unto Me” “Deeper, Deeper” “I Will Make the Darkness Light.”

“I Would Not Be Denied”

When pangs of death seized on my soul,   Unto the Lord I cried;

Till Jesus came and made me whole,   I would not be denied.


I would not be denied,  I would not be denied,

Till Jesus came and made me whole,  I would not be denied.


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