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And I [John the Baptist] knew Him not: but

that He should be made manifest to Israel, therefore am I come baptizing with water.

 John 1.31

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“We have a responsibility to discern;

we do not have a responsibility to judge.

– Leonard Sankey, 9/17/96, (Shelbyville,IN)


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COLD Church? – add a “U” – it changes to COULD. 

Could be Warmed,

Could have Revival. 

U” could make the difference. 

– eab, 1980s

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The great God above,

Where all Beings have love,

May welcome you home with a smile.

– – – Or the god of doom,

Where flowers ne’er bloom,

May “welcome” you below, after while.

– eab, 1/31/06

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Hans Egede was born 1/31/1686 at Harstad, Norway, 150 miles above the Arctic Circle.  After being schooled by his Lutheran uncle he got a ThB from the U. of Copenhagen.  He married a woman 13 years his senior; they had 2 sons and 2 daughters.  At 35 he became a missionary to Greenland, sailing with 46 others to establish a station there which was nearly wiped out by smallpox 12 years later.  Hans returned to Denmark but his devoted nursing of the Eskimoes during the epidemic led to conversions.  His son, Paul took the work – Hans started a translation of the Bible which Paul finished in 1760.   Hans died 11/5/1758.

He was quoted saying, “He wished to live & die here in order to teach the savages the knowledge of God.”

He wrote of his wife “dear & faithful helpmeet & wife who, when she understood that I had resolved to forsake my native country, for the love of God & me, like a faithful Sarah, accompanied her Abraham to a strange, nay, hard & heathen country.”

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