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“In the beginning GOD

created the heaven and the earth.”

Gen 1.1

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“Antagonism to holy living comes from unregenerate people and

never from the regenerate.”

   – George Shaw, from his book Spirit in Redpemtion

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Body a little stiffer than it used to be?

Keep you Mind more nimble, and

Beg God for a Soul He finds VERY pliable – AND therefore reliable.

– eab, 2/15/13

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A man wishes to be organized

When he sees how time flies,

And wished that he, could three men be,

And stretch the day to a week;

Till he begins to realize,

(What he already knows)

He’s only strong, when he is weak;

As he tarries, he goes.

– eab, Feb ’72

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George Beverly Shea was born 2/1/1909 in Winchester, Ontario, Canada.  He grew up at 555 Main Street just west of the Wesleyan Methodist Church his father, Adam I Shea, pastored.  He was named Beverly after the famous Methodist preacher and author, Beverly Carrardine, who often visited the Shea parsonage. He sang as a young man in that church and later at Houghton College (New York). 

 Canadians like to tell about the first time he and Billy Graham came to Toronto; the street banner said in big letters George Beverly Shea Singing and underneath in smaller letters Billy Graham speaking.  It is estimated he sang the Gospel to more people than anyone else in the world.  He wrote the words to “The Wonder of It All,” the music to “I’d Rather Have Jesus,” and two books (with Fred Bauer) Then Sings My Soul, and Songs That Lift the Heart.  Shea died 4/16/2013

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