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“And God said, Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters,

and let it divide the waters from the waters.”

Gen 1.6

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“Why speak to God in an unknown tongue?

God understands all languages…”

A L Vess, from his booklet Bible on Tongues

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Science is man’s attempt to Advance himself.

Art is man’s attempt to Express himself.  

Religion is man’s attempt to Save himself.

   Sadly, they are all center on “self

– eab,  3/10/06

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Home is a wonderful word,

Be it mansion or house absurd,

Be it large and tall

Or short and small,

There’s never a place you roam

That beats the place called “home.”

– eab, 2/6/11

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Ingwer Ludwig Nommensen was born 2/6/1834 in Nordstrand, Schleswig, (then Danish) Germany.   Though injured by a horse cart as a boy he learned to walk again.  After graduated from Rhenish Mission Seminary, Wuppertal, Germany he went as a pioneer Luthern missionary to Sumatra, Indonesia (then Netherland’s East Indies) arriving in 1862.  In 1887 his wife died leaving him with four children and his second wife (whom he married in 1892) also preceded him in death, as did two sons.

Nommensen was the leading missionary in Batak for 54 years.  He translated the New Testament (1878), establishing schools, hospitals, even a seminary.  By the time of his death (5/23/1918) the Batak church had 34 pastors, over 750 teacher-preachers, and 180,000 members in 500 churches.  Little wonder he has been referred to as “the Apostle of the Batak.”

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