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“And God called the firmament Heaven.

And the evening and the morning were the second day.”

Gen 1.8

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“If you shut up the damper of confession,

you will smother the fire of sanctification,”

– Orlow C Webb, 10/30/85

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Want to be shorter/taller? There’s little you can do about it.

Want to be hairy/bald? There’s little you can do about it.

Want to be holy? There is a  L O T  you can do!

“Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved” (Act 16.31)

– eab, 9/7/13

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PUDDLE   [1]    

When you see a puddle that’s ruddy,  

Don’t contemptuously call it “muddy”

Unless its near-by-buddy

Is clear.

It may be the “ruddy season,”

Or have another reason

Why to your eye it’s not pleasin’,

My dear.

– eab, 2/8/06

[1] Written after seeing a puddle walking on large flat acreage behind the Kingston church.

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Robert Sterling Arnold died 2/8/2003. He wrote “No Tears in Heaven.” He was born to Millard Arnold &  Rowena Victoria Lawrence 1/26/1905 at Coleman, TX.  He was a cousin to country-western singer Eddy Arnold.  Sterling began working in radio and singing with quartets while still a teenager and later sang with the Central Music Company quartet.  He managed the National Quartet as well as teaching piano and voice at Fort Worth.  Some of his songs were picked up by “professional artists.”  “No Tears in Heaven” for example, was recorded by Buck Owens, Skeeter Davis, Red Foley, and The Chuck Wagon Gang

“No tears in heaven, no sorrows given All will be glory in that land.

There’ll be no sadness, all will be gladness When we shall join that happy band.”

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