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And God said, Let the waters under the heaven be gathered together

unto one place, and let the dry land appear:

and it was so.

Gen 1.9

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“Only use the world but enjoy God.”

– John Wesley

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Crossroads –

You can do a 180 and go back where you were

You can turn left, partly warm but “liberal”

You can turn right, partly warm but “legalistic”

You can build a store on the corner, make money & settle down

                              Or, OR You can go on!  

– eab, 3/83

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God bless every man

Who’s been faithful and true

Since the moment of his first call.

And God bless the woman

Who’s done all t’was due

To the blest Savoir of us all.

And, yet, yet, oft God,

Your mercy and your grace,

Has succored us who’ve had a fall.

– eab,  2/9/06

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Rowland Taylor was burned at the stake, 2/9/1555. He held a LLB & LLD from Cambridge & held various positions including archdeacon. He was acquainted or contemporary with Latimer, Canmer, & Ridley. He was arrested 7/25/1553, 6 days after Mary became queen (she was determined to bring catholicism to prominence) charged with denouncing the catholic clerical celibacy & their awful transubstantiation. While in prison he was instrumental in many conversions. He was born 10/6/1510.

Two side notes on Dr. Taylor:  1) His wife was Margaret Tyndale, the niece of William.  AND  2) he was a direct ancestor of Zachary Taylor, 12th Pres. of the US.

On this same day in Gloucester, England, Bishop John Hopper was burned at the stake for not agreeing with certain ideas of the Roman Catholic System. His year of birth is uncertain.

Portion of what Taylor said to his son, “…may God bless thee and give thee his Holy Spirit to be a true servant of Christ; to hear his word, and constantly to stand by the truth all thy life long; and, my son, see that thou flee from all sin and wicked living; be virtuous; attend closely to the Bible and pray to God…”

Portion of what Taylor said to his wife, “My dear wife, I need not tell thee to continue steadfast in the faith. I have tried to be unto thee a faithful yokefellow; and so hast thou been to me; for the which I doubt not, my dear, but God will reward thee. Now the time is come that I am to be taken away…”

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