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“And God called the dry land Earth; and the gathering together

of the waters called he Seas:

and God saw that it was good.”

Gen 1.10

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“Faith is choosing to believe that God tells the truth.”

– John Whiteman, 4/15/92

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People find a dimple attractive;

a pimple repulsive.

The “d” got twisted/turned into a “p” –

NEVER believe small things don’t matter. 

– eab, 10/15/11

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What is the mystery called time?

Where was its place of birth?

Who invited its peel to chime

O’er everyman and wife of earth?

– eab,  2/10/05

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King James on 2/10/1604 authorized an English Bible translation.  By 1607 the teams were ready & by 1611 the Authorized Bible was complete. More people are in heaven because of this Bible than ANY other!

A little about the man – he was born 6/19/1566, became King James VI of Scotland, 7/24/1567 and King James I of England, 7/25/1603. He married Anne of Denmark (11/24/1589); they had 3 sons & 5 daughters & unlike many kings/presidents (L) is not known to have had any other sexual partner. 

James was a most intellectual king, being influent in Greek, Latin & French. He wrote more books than any other reigning monarch. Partial list includes: a private Translation of Psalms, Commentary on Revelation, Devotional series on the Lord’s Prayer, Demonology (identifying witch powers with demon possession), The Essays of a Prentice in the Divine Art of Poesy, His Majesties Poetical Exercises at Vacant Hours, Basilikon Doron, & “A Counterblast to Tobacco”(1604) an essay attacking smoking. His books exposing demons & smoking help explain the enmity (in addition to the KJV) which has been stirred against him.

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