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“And God set them [ greater light(sun)…lesser light(moon)

…stars ] in the firmament of the heaven to give light upon the earth”

Gen 1.17

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“…for one to kill himself is

to kill body and soul at once.” *

– John Bunyan, Pilgrims Progress

[[ Never, NEVER accept suicide as OK! – eab ]]

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Ask 3 people the time, you may get 3 different answers (all insist “their” time is right).

Our “prophetic clocks” may be out of sync.

Please read Revelation without notes/commentary.

Let Revelation “reset” your clock.

– eab, 1/13/14

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Praise the Lord this morning,

He who reigns on high.

Who could have been unknown;

Distant, never nigh.

Instead He chose to reveal Himself

In thunder, light, and storm,

In the miraculous, and the norm

In symmetry, structure, and form.

Praise Him – in joyful “sigh.”

– eab,  2/17/06

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C Ponder Frederick died 2/17/1977.  He was born 6/3/1931 at West Blockton, AL.  He served the Wesleyan Methodists as pastor, then (as a number of men) joined the Bible Methodist Connection of Churches.  After several years in the pastorate he taught at Hobe Sound Bible College in FL.  He was so well respected that he was invited onto the then small board of HSBC (do not know what years).

Bro. Frederick was a holiness preacher/teacher who LIVED his holiness.   At some point he began to experience a deepening walk with God.  His daughter – no one knows the atmosphere of a home like a child – had confidence in dad before this but said (if I have the quote half-way-right) afterward, “It was like living with an angel.”  The respected evangelist Stanley Kendall said, of a man younger than himself, “A godlier man I never knew.”  Oh, that God would raise up more holy yet human saints like Frederick.

[[ Many men/events which I reference in “ON THIS DATE” I never knew – they are articles of history, some centuries ago.  This is a saint with whom I was privileged to be a fellow teacher & also be a younger “peer” i.e. he rode briefly with me in a “beach buggy” and with whom I played tennis. – eab ]]


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