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“And God made the beast of the earth after his kind, and

cattle after their kind, and every thing that creepeth upon the earth after his kind:

and God saw that it was good.”

Gen 1.25

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“I will never rest nor let you rest until you are literally perfect—

until my Father can say without reservations that He is well pleased with you

as He said He was well pleased with me.

This I can and will do.

But I will not do anything less.”

– C S Lewis, Beyond Personality

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Your Body?  Its days are numbered.  Everybody, who is anybody, knows that. 

Your Soul?  

It has already begun its eternity.  NOW.

– eab,  7/3/14

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It can be measured (often is),

Though it’s never been seen.

It has no color of its own,

Not blue, nor white, nor green.


It can’t be successfully weighed,

On balance or on a scale,

Yet it’s always up for “grabs,”

Daily this object’s for sale.


It has no height from which to fall,

Cannot be rolled into a ball,

Is “long” or “short” by attitude,

Is loathed or loved with gratitude.


What’s this thing o’er land and sea,

Ruling the dry and maritime?

Give up?  Don’t know it by now?

It’s that commodity man calls TIME.

– eab,  Feb. ‘05

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Ray Willis Chamberlain was born 2/25/1902 at Charleston, Missouri, to Charles & Barbara (Griffith) Chamberlain.  He married Marianne Elizabeth Horine and they were blessed with several children.  In the 40’s – 50’s he and his family were Pilgrim Holiness missionaries to Jamaica. In the fall of 1987 Ray & Marianne started the Holiness Lecture Series at Wesley Biblical Seminary, Jackson, Mississippi: first speakers were Roy Appleby, Andy Miller, Keith Drury, & Richard S Taylor (the last of these was Best).


In 1982 Orlow Webb started an organization called TRY (Training Righteous Youth) Conference.  Bro Ray W Chamberlain came to one of the TRY Conference meetings (hosted 4 years at Friendsville, TN) and sang his chorus, “We’ve Got a Great Big Wonderful God.”  He died 1/2/98.

If the reader ever sees his small paper-back book, God Leads His Dear Children Along, it is definitely worth owning and reading a chapter a night in family altar. 


[ Personal note: The Lord has given us 2 sons & 2 daughters.  Both girls and their husbands & families) have spent years on 2 different continents as Gospel spreaders for Christ.  One or both would probably say that my view of missions influenced their lives.  And I trace my interest in missions to a man named Ray Chamberlain coming by the old Pilgrim Holiness Church in Bremen, when I was about 10. 🙂 ] 

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