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“In my distress I called upon the LORD, and cried unto my God:

he heard my voice out of his temple, and

my cry came before him, even into his ears.”

Psa 18.6

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“…the devil’s cunning…if he cannot hurt by persecuting and destroying,

he doth it under color of correcting and building up.

– Martin Luther, from his Commentary on Galatians

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Friend – I ask you to THINK (this is heavy, but realistic).  Most of us like Jews & rightly so,

our precious Master was a Jew.  The symbol on Israel’s flag is a hexagram.

Do you know it’s an occult sign?  Occultists have spoken of “putting a hex on someone” i.e. curse.

This sign existed a long time before 1948.  It was red in Germany decades ago & was the Rothschilds’ symbol –

world’s most wealthy, NWO bankers who “own” modern “Israel.”  Please Love Jesus – and – Be wise.

-eab, 3/4/15

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Earth’s night is coming with such speed.

Dark’ning shades fall – take heed.

Evil shall multiply worse and worse

Sinful sowing – a harvest of the curse,

Do not expect world-wide-awakening

Satan’s grip – death’s final shaking

Await the world’s wide worship of self,

Fully more evil than myth, fairy, or elf

Antichrist comes; perhaps lives this hour,

Shaping his groups, sharpening his power,

Earth and heaven will both pass away.

The above could sound like a gloomy day

The Bible foretells of earthquake and dark,

Pestilence, famine, sights harsh and stark.

Sin, so rampant since Eve’s disloyal act

Has grown, “gathered steam” on its wild track

Today’s the day Friend, if you’re going to come back.

– eab,  3/6/12

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David Tsutada was born 3/6/1906, 2nd son of Kenri Tsutada, a Japanese, Methodist dentist in Singapore. After finishing high school in Japan David studied law at Cambridge U. but believing he was to preach ended his studies in England, to attend a Bible College in Japan.  Before graduation the Bible college president selected a wife for him.  He & his Christian wife, Nobuko, were blessed with 5 children.

When Japan entered WWII there was a rise of nationalism.  David believed it would be wrong for him to erect a Japanese flag in front of his church & bow (relative to the Emperor & his palace), stating “only God in heaven is divine. We worship Him alone.”  David (with some 130 others) on 6/26/1942, was arrested for not observing this government regulation & imprisoned for a 2 yrs. 

After the war & his release (on probation) he build a church in Tokyo, named “Immanuel” because “You, O God, are with us, just as you were in the cell with me.”  His ministry reached out to the poor, on 21/10/1945 his church became an indigenous Holiness Denomination (Immanuel General Mission), reaching university students & farmers.  He became known as “John Wesley of Japan.”  He died 7/25/1971.

[ Personal note: I was in Wesley Biblical Seminary with a grandson, also named David Tsutada.] 


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