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“The LORD also thundered in the heavens, and

the Highest gave his voice;

hail stones and coals of fire.”

Psa 18.13

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“The new gym with its basketball court has become the center for youth

of the village, just as church is for the elders.”

– Nick Jans, from his book Last Light Breaking

>> This was written about Alaska but is too true in the rest of the world. <<

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Husbands & wives – Make sure you love Christ first – love Christ ABOVE your mate.

It seems that we’ll know our mates in heaven but not be married to them. (Luk 20.35)

   (Think about the many men/women who’ve had a Biblically Correct 2nd mate.)

But, if Christ was your first love, you’ll have Him for Eternity.

– eab, 3/8/15

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Thank You, Father, for Thy faithfulness

Who gave Your only Son.

Thank God for Jesus Christ

The Holy “given” One.

Thank You for the Holy Spirit,

Since the Son went away.

Thank the whole Divine Trinity,

Every day, oh yes, every day.

– eab 3/13/07

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Austin Peay, Tennessee Governor, on 3/13/1925 signed the Butler Act into law. This make it “unlawful for any teacher [in the state system] to teach any theory that denied the story of the divine creation of man as taught in the Bible.” Austin Peay was born in Christian Co. KY, 6/1/1876 to Austin (the governor was “the III”) & Cornelia Peay. A lawyer, he was three times elected as governor & became the only TN governor to die in office, 10/2/1927. This is not his only interest in education – he expanded the school yr to 8 months.

The ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) [misnomer?] sought one to challenge the constitutionality of this & found “their man” (man defending monkey) in John Thomas Scopes (1900-1970). Scopes was defended in the Monkey Trial, the “trial of the century,” (Dayton, TN) by the infamous Clarence Darrow. William Jennings Bryan, 3-time Democratic Presidential, candidate opposed Scopes (& UCLA) & won.

If the reader is not acquainted with Darrow a brief biography would be worth a scan. And on a much more positive note, a full reading of Bryan’s bio (good last name – agree? J ) would also be good. Not saying he was perfect but from my reading the Bible & prayer were a real part of his everyday life. Peay (now “enjoying” a high ranting among TN Governors), Scopes, Darrow, & Bryan are all dead but the differences between Creationists & God-haters (what anti-creationists really are) sadly, still exists.

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