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“He delivered me from my strong enemy, and

from them which hated me:

for they were too strong for me.”

Psa 18.17

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“Fear is the darkroom

in which negatives are developed.”

– seen on a marquee, 7/23/87

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Much education with little wisdom produces pride.

Some wisdom with little education can also produce pride.

– eab, 3/17/15

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Now Jephthah was judge in his land;

He vowed what sounded quite grand.

Be careful, big mouth, what you vow

(Did he think it’d be a cow?)

His daughter fulfilled his demand.

– eab,      3/17/05   (Jud 11.31)

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Patrick was not his name – one source says it was Maewyn Succat – he chose Patricus “Patrick” later

March 17 – some might say it was a BD, some his death day, some the day he was enslaved

Year he was born – guessed between 385 – 415. Year he died – guessed between 465 – 493  (hint – if we don’t know his perimeter years, we may not KNOW “March 17”)

He was not Irish (returned to Ireland as a missionary after his enslavement) – he was from England

Leprechauns – if “Patrick” was as good a man as some think, he would have opposed the myth

Shamrock – he may or may not have thus illustrated the Trinity – as a Christian he believed in the Trinity

A source says his father & mother were Calpurnius & Conchessa & that a grandfather was a pastor

Roman Catholic – hardly. Many place the beginning of the RC around 600 – he is 100(+) yrs early

Thomas Cahill in How The Irish Saved Civilization says “Patrick’s gift to the Irish was his Christianity…a Christianity without the sociopolitical baggage of the Greco-Roman world…”

Patrick’s Confession relates his 1st trip to Ireland as a 16 yr old slave), “I was taken into captivity to Ireland with many thousands of people, and deservedly so, because we turned away from God, and did not keep His commandments, and did not obey our pastors, who used to remind us of our salvation. And the Lord brought over us the wrath of his anger and scattered us among the nations…”

Later his confession relates, “I am greatly a debtor to God, who has bestowed his grace so largely upon me, that multitudes were born again to God through me…Hence, the Irish, who had never had the knowledge of God and worshipped only idols and unclean things, have lately become the people of the Lord, and are called the sons of God.” And later still his confession states, “I give unwearied thanks to God, who kept me faithful in the days of my temptations, so that today I can confidently offer Him my soul as a living sacrifice – to Christ my Lord, who saved me out of all my troubles.” (one source David L. Brown)

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