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“For I have kept the ways of the LORD, and

have not wickedly departed from my God.”

Psa 18.21

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Know the difference between a million & a billion? Really do you?

“It takes about 11.5 DAYS for a millions seconds to tick away,

but almost 32 YEARS for a billion seconds.”

– John Allen Paulds

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Various voices lift various concerns but only the born anew will trumpet the “New Birth.”

AND Only the pure in heart will trumpet “Heart Purity.”

“…Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh” [or the pen writeth] Mat 12.34.

– eab,   3/19/15

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Have faith in what?  Yourself?

That’s what some would advocate

Or have faith in another? Yes?

No, mis-placed faith can aggravate.

Having faith in any man-system

Will bring you sorrow and real pain.

Only faith in God brings lasting gain.

– eab, 3/19/11

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James Ussher died 3/21/1656 at Reigate, Surrey, England.  He was born 1/4/1581, Dublin, Ireland one of two sons of Arland & Margaret (Stanihurst) Ussher.  James (13) entered Trinity College (Dublin); after receiving his BA & being ordained by Henry Ussher (an uncle) & getting his MA, James became a  professor & twice vice-chancellor of the same university.  He married Phoebe (1614) daughter of Luke Challoner; they were blessed with one child, Elizabeth – later wife of Sir Timothy Tyrrell.

Ussher became primate (1st ranking bishop) of Ireland. However he was in England (1641) when the Civil War broke (never returned to Ireland) & held various teaching/preaching positions there. Politically, he was royallist, able to counsel Charles I, yet his genuineness showned so that Cromwell accepted him, ordered his burial to be in Westminster Abbey, & paid the funeral expenses (thought to be the only Anglican funeral service read in the Abbey during the Commonwealth period). The Puritans also respected Ussher.

Some shallow men & evolutionary men reject Ussher’s dates, perhaps ignorant of Ussher’s grasp of Semitic languages, or who haven’t read his Annals of the World or are men influenced by the Roman Catholic system he opposed. “The religion of the papists is superstitious & idolatrous; their faith & doctrine erroneous & heretical…to give them therefore a toleration, or to consent that they may freely exercise their religion, & profess their faith & doctrine, is a grievous sin.”

A stone erected in his memory at Trinity U. (1904) claims him to be,

“…most learned among the holy, most holy among the learned…” 

What a compliment from those who knew him better than modern critics!

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