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“I was also upright before him, and

I kept myself from mine iniquity.”

Psa 18.23

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“TV doesn’t go with holiness.

TV started with the devil and its still of the devil.”

– Lester Roloff

>> Doubt this? Do a serious search behind the founders of Hollywood. <<

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The unsanctified are interested in demonstrations of ability

(theirs & others) and “credit” for the same.

The Sanctified are interested in demonstrations of God’s Power

and in Him getting Praise for the same.

– eab, 3/23/15

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The couple that’s fallen under the devil’s sway –

Was it mutual, or did one lead the way?

And that one who pushed for the downward track,

Will he/she be the one to bring them back? 

– eab,  2/21/15

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M (Martin) R (Ralph) DeHaan, MD, was born 3/23/1891 in Zeeland, MI. He was the son of Reitze & Johanna Rozema DeHann emigrants from Netherlands. His parents were part of the Reformed Church and his father was a shoe maker. M R graduated from Zeeland high school (1908) & from University of Illinois College of Medicine, valedictorian (Chicago, 1914).

Not only did he get his MD in 1914, he got a “Mrs” that year as well, the former Priscilla Venhiuszen. He was pleased to be able (as a doctor) to deliver all four of their children. After being converted to Christ in 1921 (he had sensed his need of God at 12 but was not Born Again until after a serious illness when he promised God, “Spare my life & I’ll serve You”) he became a minister. Now he was privileged to perform the marriage ceremony for all four children – a real honor to any preacher-dad.

After returning to school (Western Theological Seminary) M R pastored more than one church. He was influenced to accept premillennialism by the Scofield Bible, Harry Ironside  *  (& others) straining his relationship with the Reformed but his rejection of infant baptism closed the door. Following this break he started that for which he is most remembered, Radio Bible Class (27 years). He died 12/13/1965.

* Being thankful for any good done, this post is not full approval of DeHaan, Scofield, or Ironsides.

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