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“For by thee I have run through a troop; and

by my God have I leaped over a wall.”

Psa 18.29

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“The shortest route to a backslider’s grave

is to fail to be godlike and forgive.”

– T M Anderson, After Sanctification

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God is the greatest Mathematician and ALL His “calculations” are CORRECT.

God is the greatest Grammarian – He “invented” words and IS the Word.

God is the greatest Scientist – He KNOWS every facet of every discipline of what man calls science.

God is the greatest Poet and also the greatest Writer of prose – He “owns” the field of language.

God is the greatest Historian; He was there when it ALL transpired. He IS the eye Witness.   

– eab, 10/15/12

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The grand Lord knew, after the white and the blue,

Of the cold, crisp fortnights of chill,

After stark star lights and short day sights,

And iced over bridges at the bottom of the hill,

After sleet’s solid rain and the snow flakes again,

And the humdrum of life in confinement;

That man needed to sing – he needed spring –

The Lord’s annual, perfection of refinement.    

– eab, 3/29/80

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Ray Palmer died 3/29/1887, Newark, NJ.  He was born 11/12/1808, Little Compton, RI, son of Judge Thomas Palmer but grew up in Boston.  He attended Phillips Academy (Oliver Wendell Holmes was a classmate) & graduated from Yale.  After that he taught at woman’s schools & studied theology privately.

In 1834 he entered the ministry pastoring the Congregational Church, Bath, ME (1835-1850) & the First Congregational Church, Albany, NY (1850-1865).  Finally he served as Corresponding Secretary of the American Congregational Union until retirement (1878).

He published 11 books among them are Closet Hours, Hymns & Sacred Pieces, Hymns of My Holy Hours & Other Pieces, Complete Poetical Works, & he penned 38 hymns. Dr. Duffield (wrote English Hymns) expressed his regard this way, “He has written more & better hymns than any other American.” Palmer met Lowell Mason on a Boston street who asked him to write something for a new hymnal. Palmer located what is below in his old notes. Mason composed the tune & days later told Palmer, “You may live many years & do many good things but I think you will be best known to posterity as the author of “My Faith Looks Up to Thee.” Mason was right – this hymn has been translated into over 20 languages.

“My faith looks up to Thee, Thou Lamb of Calvary, Savior divine!

Now hear me while I pray, take all my guilt away, O let me from this day be wholly Thine!”

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“For thou wilt light my candle:

the LORD my God will enlighten my darkness.”

Psa 18.28

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“It is absolutely wrong to pray about something

you already know is wrong.”

– V O Agan, 4/8/86

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Pastors, presidents (colleges/conferences) & parents who oppose “next to nothing” are lying to youth.

Jews in the OT, Christ’s followers in NT & fairly recent Holiness people were separate from this

decaying world. Hell is the place for liars – that includes lying 21st century church people.

– eab, 3/24/15

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Have you learned to walk with Jesus?

Learned to listen to His voice?

Learned to shut-out the world’s buzz?

Learning is a daily choice.

– eab, 3/28/06

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Duncan Campbell died 3/28/1972. He was born 1898 in the Scottish Highlands, 5th of 10 children of a stonemason & wife, genuine Christians. As a youth playing his pipes at a dance he left under Holy Ghost conviction. He quickly associated himself with Faith Mission (1913). Later he trained with & worked for them in the Highlands & Islands among his native Gaelic speakers. In ’25 he married Shona Gray.

He served with the United Free Church but disagreed with their union to the Church of Scotland & resigned. He served a church at Balintore & at Falkirk. 1949 saw him returning to Faith Mission & ministering again at Skye. In God’s timing he went to the Island of Lewis (Outer Hebrides) where two sisters in their 80’s had prayed for revival & their vision was caught by pastor & deacons who prayed in a barn for months.

Though he later headed-up The Training School for Faith Mission Campbell is remembered today for how God was able to use him in the Hebrides. He was a strong advocate of the second work of the Holy Spirit following being clearly converted.  He did not pull toward an altar but used a separate room for seekers.  After unreliable reports of events on Lewis, he published, The Lewis Awakening, an official account.

In his later years he traveled sharing the wonderful news of God’s moving.  Those travels included the US.  In the fall of ’71 Larry Grile & I took my 68 VW to an Ohio River town  & heard him speak. I strongly encourage reading: When the Mountains Flowed Down – Duncan Campbell  www.revival-library.org/catalogues/20thcentury/campbell.html  learning more about a man of prayer & modern revival.

Campbell Quotes: “Revival is a community saturated with God.”

“75% were gloriously saved before they came near a meeting…the power of God was moving.”

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