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“And Jesus said unto them, See ye not all these things?

verily I say unto you, There shall not be left here one stone upon another,

that shall not be thrown down.”

Mat 24.2

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“If men are not stirred to love God,

they will trifle until they love something else.”

– Glenn Griffith, from his book I Sough for a Man

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The loud rock songs & silent pulpits

may be the ultimate fault behind the increase in suicide.

Suicide is still sin ! ! !

– eab, 6/12/14

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May – June

June is the month to begin

Wedding dreams and acts.

May they never end

This side death’s cold facts.


Marriage is for all of life

What a godly “invention.”

One strong man, one good wife

Can withstand intervention.


“Do you take this man to be?”

Can be promised in high elation.

To be always her man, his lady,

Takes love, work, and determination.

– eab, 5/2/09

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The King James Bible was published this date, 5/2/1611.  King James I of England (the then rising, most important country of its world) authorized scholarly men of God to bring forth a translation of the Holy Scriptures in English. Without putting approval on all England did militarily (on land/sea) God knew she would rule ¼ of the land mass & rule the seas.  This power spread the new language called “English.”   

As English spread it needed a Standard for grammar & spelling – the KJB became that.  As civilization spread it needed a Standard for conduct (both inward & outward) – the KJB provided that.  God, Who of course knows all things, knew English would be greatest language for centuries to come; knew it would become Lingua Franca & as He had who promised to “preserve” His Word “from this generation for ever” (Psa12.6-7) why would He not use the KJB, a.k.a. Authorized Version?

Some “scholars” (in their own eyes & eyes of similarly falsely “schooled” men) have elected to oppose the KJB.  They have tried to “label” those of use to love It, but in reality they are the ones (& their mislead university /seminary profs) who started the battle – we are defending what THEY attacked.  They are anti-KJB. Though I do not profess to be a scholar I’ll state this: my BA is in Literature, my MA is in Biblical Literature & these anti-KJB men are guilty of rejecting the most endearing & enduring CLASSIC.  The KJB is without question the Greatest Book in the English language.  Thank God for His preserved Word!

A modern champion for the KJB, Bro. Gene Hood, my friend, was laid to rest yesterday.  God bless is memory.  

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