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“And as he sat upon the mount of Olives, the disciples came unto him privately, saying,

Tell us, when shall these things be? and

what shall be the sign of thy coming, and

of the end of the world?”  Mat 24.3  

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Grile Quote

“God does not begin any project

God does not complete.”

– Larry Grile, IHC, April, 2006

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A good conversationalist knows when to Speak up

& when to Hush up.

A bore is similar to some dogs I’ve heard –

they like their own voices.

– eab, 4/6/15

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If all you have is a single tree

Beneath which to sit or stand,

And all beyond is a

Nondescript, ordinary land.

No mountain draws you eye

To its upward soaring crest,

No river rolls at your feet

Churning at a river’s best.

And you don’t even have a hill

On which to contemplate.

Your world seems so “samish”

Nothing your quick mind to bait;

Thank God each day

For His warm rising sun,

For its slipping upward, then

Downward till it’s day is fully run.

And enjoy its change of shadow,

First great then lessening through noon,

Then an opposite shadow grows,

Filling space slowly or soon.

The daily sun gives the plain,

The simple landscape, though flat,

A lustrous changing, almost living.

Friend, enjoy where ever you’re “at.” 

– eab,  5/3/07

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On Thursday I went to the viewing of, & on Friday the memorable funeral of, my friend Gene Hood.  Many good things were said about him – he truly did a variety of works for his Lord.  Please understand what I say next is not, Repeat NOT, in any way a detraction from the honor Gene rightfully received at his passing – I too admired him & miss him.

As I worked with my hands yesterday I reflected on his funeral & wanted to write to encourage all who were there.  Few (if any) of the men on the platform who gave tributes to Gene, will have as fine a service as he had.  And almost no one of the large crowd gathered to “pay our last respects” will come anywhere near receiving the host of accolades he did.  There are two ways (at least) to view this: 1) Gene apparently had resources to do a lot (God may never entrust some of us with such – we would fail to use them properly) & Gene had the God-given ability to carry out plans (his & His) which again, would elude many of us.  2) God made one Paul Eugene Hood (1937 Texan “model”) & then “threw away the pattern.”  Good.  God did NOT make you Sir, you Ma’am another Bro. Hood.  He did make you & me to do what we can/ought to do: pastor that small, even smaller church, teach that Sunday School class (prepared every time), work that secular job faithfully, be a witness at work, in the community, & within the family by word AND by action, be a positive influence (i.e. smile, encourage, etc) to our little world as Gene was in his larger sphere.

We (dropping down to use this life’s criteria) somewhat judge a person by the mansion, spacious house, cottage, bungalow, or hut in which they live.  Only the Pure in Heart will “make” heaven; therefore we can all be happy in heaven if we find Gene in a huge mansion – AND Gene, if he finds yours larger than his, will be happy for you as well.  Do not be concerned about honors – be very concerned about faithfulness & as we used to sing, “Brighten the Corner Where You Are.” 🙂  God Loves You.

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