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“For many shall come in my name, saying,

I am Christ; and shall deceive many.”

Mat 24.5  

>> Many have claimed to be in place of Christ on earth. <<

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“The surest way to lose a truth

is to exaggerate it.”

– S D Herron, 2/21/1975

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Some men have no Spiritual Victory because they’re addicted to Sports.

Some don’t have Spiritual Victory because of pressure from Society.

Some have no Victory because they’ve sold out to be feted as “Scholars.”

-eab, 5/3/15

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Some liked to travel and

Some liked to rest.

All obeyed the Cloud;

God’s direction is best.  [Num 9.18]

– eab, May ’80

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Alexander Maclaren died 5/5/1910, Manchester, England. He was born in Glasgow, 2/11/1826 to David MacLaren (a merchant & Baptist lay preacher) & his Baptist wife. Alexander attended Glasgow high school & Glasglow U. before the family moved to London where he attended Stepney College a Baptist institution enrolling at sixteen.  He is said to be been “tall, shy, [&] silent.” 

Before receiving his BA he was invited to “fill-in” at the Portland Chapel for 3 months.  His BA was completed, the 3 months ended, & he stayed on at Portland – stayed on for another 11 years & 9 months.  Neither a marriage date nor wive’s name were readily available but he was a father so a marriage is assumed – a granddaughter is said to have been Caroline Alice (C A) Lejeune (c. 1900-1960).

While in college he was trained in Greek & Hebrew, preparation to be an expositor. At Portland Chapel & at Union Chapel (Manchester) he acquired a reputation as the “prince of expository preachers.” Twice elected President of the Baptist Union he also was president of the Baptist World Alliance (1905). His farewell message (at Union) he said, “To efface oneself is one of a preacher’s first duties.”

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