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“And except those days should be shortened,

there should no flesh be saved: but

for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.”

Mat 24.22

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“The devil will always offer you the best…

it will never get better.”

– Jacob Miller, 4/30/1981

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Enjoy earthly friendships.

Keep them high & honorable.

Then BOTH of you so live that it can continue in Eternity. 

– eab, 5/20/15

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If your soul/mind life pleases

The Only, Holy Jesus

He’ll let you live with Him on earth

(It’s called the “New Birth” 🙂 )

And let you live with Him on high

After earth bids you “Good Bye.”

– eab, 5/22/15

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Seth Cook Rees died 5/22/1933, Pasadena, CA.  Seth was born 10th child of Zechariah Rees (1st child of wife, Luzena Rees) at Westfield, IN, 8/6/1854. The Rees family had roots first in Wales (there spelled “Rhys”) & secondly in North Carolina.  Zachariah moved to Westfield, a Society of Friends village & station of the “Underground Railroad,” as a result of his views on slavery. Seth was raised around a Quaker, farmer, family altar, was educated in Westfield, & there at 19, was converted to Christ – his words include:

 “…a strange power came over me & I arose & confessed that I was an awful sinner. I was not on my feet 30 seconds but I sat down a saint!…The complexion of everything changed. Every blade of grass, every drop of water and every bird of forest and field, seemed to dance with delight.” Then in August 1874 he preached his 1st message at the Quaker Quarterly Meeting in Westfield, IN & started holding revivals. He met Hulda Johnson via correspondence, & they were married in December of ’76. They were blessed with at least one son, Paul S Rees. (Yours truly I heard Paul speak at Bible Town, Boca Raton, FL, 67-68.)

Rees went on to have an influence in America & abroad.  He & Hulda were baptized in water (Quakers believe in being baptized with the Holy Ghost & fire) & served for a while with the Nazarenes, working with both P F Bresee & H O Wiley.  He later worked with M W Knapp & helped organize (uniting two groups) the Pilgrim Holiness Church in the Adm. building at God’s Bible School. (Again a personal note: my pastor when I was converted was J D Webb, Sr. – he was ordained under Seth C Rees.)

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