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“By whom we have received grace and apostleship,

for obedience to the faith among all nations, for his name:”

Rom 1.5

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Rice Quote


“Every true believer is an expression of the mind

and thought of Christ.”

– Ken Rice, sermon 8/3/91

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God is so “sure of His sovereignty” that He invites His creatures to be “fellow creators,”

and doesn’t withdraw that ability to “create” (art, children, literature, building, music, etc.)

even when men stupidly deny that there IS a Creator. Awesome!

– eab, 12/21/12

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Horizons we see but cannot meet,

Arrive where they were, they aren’t at your feet.

Horizons so far, so distant, so grand,

We never quite meet one, try as hard as we can,

Run ever so fast, climb ever so high,

Horizons tease onward, where mountain meets sky.

The horizon I speak of, of course is the one

Where geographic forms collide with the sun,

When the day star slips behind mineral and bark,

Its swift run, won, and leaves us in dark.

But another horizon exists and calls,

Where the laborious wave decidedly falls,

On the water-worn land of a battered old beach,

Where quartz and univalves mutually bleach.

The man who wanders there is pleased to have found,

An horizon he conquers; where sea meets the ground.

Where the Main laps or lunges at his feet in the sand,

And challenges ever the presence of land.

The horizon here found is attainable, close;

Not an illusion – a tangible coast.

A goal that is reached, a boundary that’s set;

This dry solid earth, this mysterious wet.

And man’s spirit here feels so light and so free,

At the very boundary, The boundary of earth and sea. 

– eab, Jun. ‘76

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6/5/2013 – Two years ago TODAY my wife, Martha S Bryan, suffered a light stroke but neither of us recognized what was happening.  By the time we did it was too late to make corrections.  A circle of cells in the left thalamus was not getting enough blood.  The stroke affected her short-term memory – a problem but so much easier for both of us than the strokes most people have. She improved from the initial time but has not greatly changed in the last several months.

God had led me to retire 2 months (to-the-day) before, so we’ve been able to be together most of the days since. She continues to be a great blessing to me. She prepares breakfast & dinner/supper combo mid-afternoon. We both are immensely enjoying the little place in IN that He directed/allowed us to buy. It is across from land owned by the “state” with nothing but grass, trees & a gravel lane. It is relaxing place – some drive miles to visit something like this, stay a few days & go home.  God is allowing us to LIVE here.

She spent little time out doors before her stroke but now likes to be outside more, weeding, helping in one of my projects, or at times sitting & watching me work in the garden – a garden whose recent additions include cantaloupe, eggplant, peppers, & cucumber plants.  “Thank you” to all who prayed/pray for Martha.  Though she has good days & bad ones we are grateful for His MANY blessings.

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