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“First, I thank my God through Jesus Christ for you all,

that your faith is spoken of throughout the whole world.”

Rom 1.8

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Shaw Quote

“No church can be under the guidance of the Spirit

which fears to offend the world.”

– George Shaw, from his book Spirit in Redemption

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Tattoos show disrespect for God’s creation.

They are worse than initials on a redwood tree or graffiti on a wall.

(Please do NOT desecrate God’s handiwork – your body.)

– eab, 6/5/15

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Altitude and attitude are similar in sound.

Altitude may be that mere distance from the ground;

But your attitude about life, its up and its down,

Will decide your spiritual altitude in ways quite profound,

These are more similar perhaps than they sound.  

– eab, Jun. ’00

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French Revolutionaries 6/8/1794 tried to replace “Christianity” (95% of what was called “christian” in France was Roman Catholic) with their own brand of humanistic religion. They chose to honor a trinity of “Liberty, Equality & Fraternity.” Churches were named “Temples of Reason” & some catholic priests were forced to marry.  Hundreds of heads rolled away from the guillotines operated by the Revolutionaries. 

The French Revolution even tried a 10-day week calendar. There were reasons for the French people to dislike the Roman Catholic system.  What they did not realize is that the 7-day week is not a RC invention – the catholics were merely using it.  God Himself made the first 7-day week – their calendar lasted only 12 yrs & reverted to God’s plan.

The French Revolution is history – a bloody, ugly blotch in history. True Christianity (please, reader become more aware of the false groups claiming this name) lives on & will be here when all of “Daniel’s Four Kingdoms” come to an end. 

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