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For God is my witness, whom I serve with my spirit in the gospel of his Son,

that without ceasing I make mention of you always in my prayers;”

Rom 1.9

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“Peace that will pass all understanding – Justification will give you.

Peace that will pass all misunderstand – Sanctification will give you.”

– E E Shellhamer, qouted by V O Agan, 5/4/99

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Which are You?

The proud are seldom profound.

The profound are seldom proud.

– eab, 12/26/12


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Time was when we were all boys

Our dads and grandpas were the men

Standing strong and tall behind us

A type of God, way-back when

“Time was” does not conveniently stay

Time illusively passes to pass away

The dad and grandpa lie on yonder hill

We “boys” must their shoes try to fill

Be strong “old boy.”  Do God’s fine will.

– eab,      Jun. ‘10


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William Carey died 6/9/1834. He was born an elder son (of 5 children) to Edmund & Elizabeth Carey, 8/17/1761, in a village, Paulerpury (Northamptonshire) England.  His parents were weavers but when 6 his father became the village schoolmaster.  William developed an interest in botany & “showed his metal” by learning Latin on his own.  Edmund apprenticed William (14) to a cobbler to learn shoe making – thus making William the most famous shoemaker in the world, after his conversion & call. 

While learning the ways of shoemaking William was exposed to the ways of Dissenters through a fellow-apprentice, became one, & started a small church nearby. While still apprenticed he learned Greek. Soon he went to work for the shoemaker Thomas Old, & married his s-n-l, Dorothy Plackett (1781) with whom he sired 7 children. Upon Old’s death he ran the shop AND taught himself Hebrew, Italian, Dutch & French. His deeper interest is early shown in his organizing a missionary society where he expressed his famous  “Expect great things from God attempt great things for God!” Before a year was out he was headed to India.

Eventually at Serampore (Danish colony) he (with others) settled & started a school – a main means of their support. After 7 struggling yrs of labor, Carey baptized his 1st convert, Krishna Pal & 2 months later, published his 1st Bengali New Testament. He would go on (through death in the family & his wife’s mental derangement) to spend 40 yrs in India, give 25 of her languages a portion of God’s Word & perhaps greatest of all, inspire such men as Adoniram Judson, Hudson Taylor, & David Livingstone.   What  a  Life !

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