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Heb 11.20

“By faith Isaac blessed Jacob and

Esau concerning things to come.”

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Chrysostom Quote

“Ignorance of the Holy Scriptures is the cause of all evils.

If we go unarmed to battle how can we escape.”

– Chrysostom

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Love is blind,

Loneliness is near sighted,

Lust is cross-eyed.

– eab, 2/18/09

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The Commissioning

Our Lord had finished His ministry

Of untold, eternal worth,

Had died and been buried

In His-own-created earth.

He then arose victorious

Over hell and death and sin,

And just before He left

He commissioned a few men.

– eab, Sep. ‘98


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Celestial Railroad

Before creation God made the Way of Salvation. He provided the Celestial Railroad.

Every rail and tie, every culvert and bridge was in place before He made Adam, the first “engine.” Every person is his own “engine.” At birth there is a fire in the boiler, there is a nature tendency to be like God – the Eternal only self-sufficient Engine (said with great respect). At the age of accountability, we knowingly reject Christ and the boiler goes cold. The fire goes out. OR we chose to continue moving toward heaven [1] and a conversion takes place. God, in His graciousness, supplies the initial fire (fire being mysterious has a similarity to God). God even supplies the coal. The Railroad is God’s, the “engine” (individual) is God’s, the coal is God’s – all He asks us to do is shovel. Keep putting on the coal and you’ll have fire. Have fire and you make progress. It is all in God’s plan. But if the boiler goes cold the engine will begin to roll backwards. Backwards is opposite to heaven. The devil has no fire (though he is headed toward the Lake of Fire), he supplies no coal, and leaves you cold – cold & rolling uncontrollably backward. – eab, 9/26/11

[1] Innocent babes, pre-accountable youngsters, and unaccountable insane folks are all moving toward heaven.

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