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1Co 12.1-2

“Now concerning spiritual gifts, brethren, I would not have you ignorant.

“Ye know that ye were Gentiles, carried away unto these dumb idols, even as ye were led.”

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“The carnal nature is the thing

that makes you sore, when you get hurt.”

– T M Anderson, quoted by R G Humble, 10/2/96

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Reading the Bible is not a GOOD idea. It is the BEST idea; the best possible “Read.”

Residences of both heaven AND hell would agree – to a man.

Read it Friend, Read it!

– eab, 8/17/13

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PATHSeab’s 1st poem written as an adult, for which I have a copy.

An open field not hindered by a fence

But rolling on to the horizon,

And a wooded land without a zone

Or a deep valley forest that is dense;


Is each, in its separated way,

More enhanced and enchanted by a path;

If large or small be the limits it hath,

It matters not, or if made at night or day.


Paths are used by animals of many kinds:

Milk cows, horses, rabbits, and rats

Wild deer, sheep, and the proverbial ants;

Each path so different in what it finds.


Trails and paths are enjoyed and needed by man

Whither in foreign, or native wood or field.

Each to him a different scene may yield

And make going easier where they can.


Paths are made by treading and wear

In various places, be it valley or hill,

Or by a spring or along a rill;

And are used till they become bare.

– eab, Oct. ’64

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Refuse to be “labeled.”

Supposed friends and sarcastic foes will try to label you.  Some can create labels from little actions or words. You are the deciding force whether these labels “stick” of not.  Labels are made for individuals as well as groups. “Protestant” is a label.  I am not a protestant.  I am a Christian (in its truest sense).  “Protestant” is a label applied by roman catholics and non-discerning non-catholics when speaking about non-catholics.  It is THEIR label – refuse it.

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