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1Co 12.4

“Now there are diversities of gifts,

but the same Spirit.”

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“If God be for us –

everyone else might as well be.”

– Charles Bennington, 11/3/02


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D. E. A. T. H.

D.  Departing

E.  Earth

A.  Arriving

T.  To

H.  Heaven or (heaven forbid) Hell. 

– eab, 10/4/15

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USEFUL WASTE  (1st eab song, Florida)

The coconut came to land,

On the damp and even sand,

Of an island in the ocean, in the east.

On its third side it set,

Its face all dark and wet,

Glad the ceaseless surging had ceased.


It had been long at sea,

Or at least it seemed to me,

That it might have come from a land afar,

Where the wind had forced it in,

To the home of scale and fin,

And it blinked on the blue like a star


Till in due time and space,

It was left as useful waste,

Settled by the sea, on the sand.

It was life in its beginning,

A palm in the making,

When the coconut came to join the land.

– eab, Oct. ‘67

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People show


(male/female) (teen/forty-ish) who think they have a nice body tend to wear tight clothing and to pose (for pictures) in such a way that viewers get the “benefit”(?) of seeing them.

People who think they have bright minds tend to speak words and concepts which allow hearers to see their “great minds”(?).

The few (relative number) souls who are truly aligned with the Triune God, do not show off such, on purpose.

– eab, 9/9/15  People

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