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2Co 12.20-21

“But now are they many members, yet but one body.

“And the eye cannot say unto the hand, I have no need of thee: nor again the head to the feet, I have no need of you.”

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R E Carroll Quote

“The Holy Ghost in me

won’t fuss with the Holy Ghost in you.”

– R E Carroll, quoted by Bob England, 11/26/2002

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Men who should/could be praying, are (immaturely) playing.

Women who should/could be in a place of prayer, are more concerned about face and hair.

– eab, 8/28/09

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I Believe

I believe in the Father

In the Spirit and the Son

I believe they are separately three

Yet unitedly, lovingly One

I believe God so loved the world

That His Son He freely gave

To redeem the human race

Bought back from being a slave.

I believe Christ was born

To an unwed, pure mother

That He lived a sinless life

Sinless. As no earthly Other.            

I believe that He was killed

On a sad, Judean hill

At the right time, right place

Prophesy to fully fulfill

I believe He was then buried

In a rich but borrowed tomb

And that in three days He fled

From that earthly “womb.”

I believe He appeared then

To His disciples, ”as He said”

Ate fish and honey comb

Fully alive, though once fully dead.

I believe He lead them to the mount

From which He bodily ascended

Left them gazing upward

Left. His leaving not comprehended.

I believe He sent then His Spirit

To comfort and fill all who believe

Pentecost is corporate and personal

God indwells all who Him receive.

And I believe Christ will come again

Triumphant, as on Sacred page

Come King of kings, Prince of Peace,    

His kingdom the end of the age.

I believe all the above

Have believed it for many years

I believe He saved and fills my soul

Perfect love allays all fears.

– eab, 10/20/11

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If you have to call a shop, “Adult” – it’s not.

If you have to label some item, “Executive” – it isn’t.

If you say he’s, “gay” – he is not joyful.

– eab, 11/12/11

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