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Thanksgiving verses:

Lev 22.29

“And when ye will offer a sacrifice of THANKSGIVING unto the LORD,

offer it at your own will.”

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Elbert Dodd Quote

“Keep the romance alive;

I’ve never had to take the credentials from a man who stayed in love with his wife.”

– Elbert Dodd, (2/11/1985)

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Going to heaven?

Planning on going to heaven? Good.

Ask God to increase the love in your heart for both sides of your “peer group.”

Those to your right, who have a hard time tolerating some “too easy stance” you hold.

AND those to your left who have written you off as a “radical.”

– eab, 11/2/15

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Though the “quill” has run across so many lines,

One closes, knowing he did not fully profess,

All thoughts that flowed, faster than pen could flow

The pen a freight train – the mind, a midnight “express.”

– eab, 11/1/06

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“Broad” is “road” with a “B” in front.

Does the “B” stand for Better – some shallowly think so.

They give it (in their minds) a positive connotation. Sin is not positive.

Does it stand for Big? Big might be thought of as a neutral connotation.

(With God there is no neutrality – we are for Him or we are against Him.)

The “B” should be seen as Bad. Christ said the Broadway leads to destruction [Mat 7.13]

>> Friend, through Christ you can exit the Broad Road. Look for that ramp today. <<

– eab, 10/11/08

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