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Thanksgiving verses:

Neh 12.46 For in the days of David and Asaph of old there were chief of the singers, and songs of praise and THANKSGIVING unto God.

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Ray Dunning Quote

“Holiness as an ethical reality

does not make one less than human

but more fully so.”

– Ray Dunning, PhD, from his book Grace, Faith, & Holiness

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The timeless, authoritative, inimitable Scriptures stand as the very zenith of learning.

The Divinely inspired Word deserves all the true scholarship the best minds can give it,

yet It is largely ignored when people talk about “education.”

– eab, mid-70’s

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Come again, as once You came,

When you touched the sick,

And healed the lame,   My Savior.

Come again this time to rule,

Making rich the poor,

Making wise the fool,   My Savior.

Come again, dear Prince of Peace,

(O Son, our Sun, and split the East)

Take us up to Thy heavenly feast,

Draw up Thou subjects to the skies,

As glowing sparks upward rise,   My loving Lord.

The time You before were here,

Was a time of sorrow,

A defeat, and a tear,   My Savior.

A time when a manger tried to hold,

A Life of greatness,

That was long foretold,   My Savior.

You came O Christ with a heart-felt reign,

(Immanuel, dispelled sin’s pain)

Lamb before at the foundation slain,

Thank You for Your saving grace,

And hope of meeting face to face,   My loving Lord.

– eab, Nov. ‘72

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Christ – Teacher

Christ is not called a preacher in any of the Gospels. What He did is not called preaching nor is He termed an Evangelist. He is called Master or “One who teaches.”

He is called Teacher forty-two times in the Gospels. He referred to Himself as a Teacher five times.

Jesus is spoken of as teaching forty-seven times. And His most famous “sermon” (a non-biblical word) begins and ends with the idea that He taught.

– eab, c.1981

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