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Thanksgiving verse:

Psa 50.14

“Offer unto God thanksgiving; and

pay thy vows unto the most High:”

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“Faith is the hidden root, hope the rising stock, and love together with good works

the nourishing corn…Christ takes neither faith nor hope into heaven

the former being gloriously absorbed in sight and the latter in enjoyment..”

– John Fletcher, Works Vol I

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The greatest preparation a man can make to preach for Jesus’ sake is to allow the Holy Spirit to replace the Adamic nature with perfect love.

(“Book-learning” though it has a place, can never, NEVER replace God’s Sanctifying Power.)

– eab, 8/21/15

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HAPPY B.D. Luther

HAPPY B.D. Luther (11/10/1483)

Luther was a young, German monk,

Whose theses were nailed with a “clunk.”

The sound of that hammer still rings,

The church his song* still sings,

Delivered from ritualistic junk.

– eab, Oct ‘07

* “A Mighty Fortress” is the greatest of his several songs

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Slick Trick

It was a slick trick of satan to produce his own versions of the Bible in which some truth is “watered down” and some is removed.

The devil has deceived with THIS version and THAT, dividing “Christians” on yet another issue.  Evangelicals were once united with the JKB.  That is lost. Who wins with this division?  The devil.  If there were no reasons to reject modern translations (there are); if there was no reasons to keep the KJB (there are) the very fact of this division shows hell has gained by the actions of shallow “scholars” trying to make a name for themselves (and make money – copyright$) and with their mis-translations.

– eab, 8/22/15

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