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Thanksgiving verse:

Psa 69.30

“I will praise the name of God with a song, and

will magnify him with thanksgiving.”

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“Error is never more dangerous than

when it looks a little like truth.

– John Fletcher, Works, Vol II

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Only God

Mr X, regardless of supposed title and/or position, can NOT forgive sin.

Mr X cannot even forgive a mistake (there is a hue difference) unless THAT mistake was committed against him.

Sins are against God.

– eab, 10/26/15

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Creatures of time for a moment,

Creatures of eternity for aye,

Living once and so briefly,

Then passing forever away.


But away to what, is the question,

To freeze the very soul;

Away to the place where one had

Planned to make his final goal?


Or, away to the unexpected?

Away to the undesired?

Where the sky is never blessed

With a morning sun, newly fired.


Away to the region of sorrows and grieves,

Here-to-fore unknown,

Away to reap the abundant harvest

Of “wild oats” carelessly sown.


Away to a place without babies,

To divert from the problem at hand

Away to a scene, worse by far,

Than Alamo or Custer’s Last Stand.


Away to separation – Separation

– How sad that word, how sad!

Separation from a praying Mother,

Separation from a faithful Dad.


O God, may I die as the righteous,

Peaceful, Calm, Prepared.

And come to the brink of the river,

Knowing I have not spared.       

– eab, Nov. ‘73

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Stars Are Ours

* The Stars Are Ours *

Paul, as all Christians know, was right theologically in Book after Book. What many fail to note is his warning about “…science falsely so called…” (1Ti 6.20) where he also was SO right. Thank God for the awakening some Believers have had about evilution (purposeful spelling) but the vast majority are still in the dark about the stars. They were Created AFTER the earth and FOR the benefit (“signs…seasons…days…years”) of earth. They are NOT what so called “science” has told the TV, state school crowd i.e. exceedingly far away nor exceedingly huge. Scripture or science? When Scripture speaks of a future when they fall the earth, I’ll go with That (Rev 6.13).

– eab, 11/12/15

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