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Thanksgiving verse:

Psa 116.17

“I will offer to thee the sacrifice of THANKSGIVING, and

will call upon the name of the LORD.”

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Fugett Quote

“Old time religion will keep you out of the grave longer and

get you out sooner.”

– C B Fugett, quoted in a Pell City IHC message (minister not recorded), 10/2/88

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Movies, TV, and videos/CDs are preparing viewers to accept science fiction characters. But they cannot prepare man for the unspeakable terrors of the Book of Revelation. When some are so foolish as to go see a horror movie, they can walk out – the terrors of Revelation will be totally inescapable. (The lake of Fire is forever and ever, and ever!)

– eab, 9/3/15


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Samsonite, American Tourister

Or Jordache is the name,

Bought new or “one-owner” or yard sale;

It’s all the same.

Cause, just like mortals on this earth,

Where we’re headed decides our worth.

And I’ve value above my “race”;

I’m a missionary’s suitcase.


I’m a soft-sided navy

Or a color that used to be white,

Or I’m brown or gray with scars

That make me a grand sight.

The outside color doesn’t count,

I carry wealth beyond amount.

Who cares for a pretty face,

When you’re a missionary’s suitcase?


I’ve started out from Kansas City,

Phoenix [1] or Kalamazoo,

Left from ranches near Helena,

South of Denver too.

Parted from parents in New York,[2]

And at stations on the “South Fork.”

The privilege soon outweighs the place.

I’m a missionary’s suitcase. (to be continued)

– eab, Nov ‘91

[1] Only God knew in ’91 that Phillip and Heather would leave Phoenix for missions.  He is so wise and good!

[2] And – only the Lord knew that Daryl and Laura would go to their second mission field from NYC.  Oh, His knowledge.

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Similar to lower level Free Masons

(who do not know all that Free Masonry is about), lower level sinners think they do as they please and that they worship themselves.

More knowledgeable sinners know that they worship satan and get their power from him.

(It is among these last group we will find the people who are pushing for a one-world government & church.)

eab,  8/28/15

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