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Thanksgiving verse:

Psa 147.7

“Sing unto the LORD with thanksgiving;

sing praise upon the harp unto our God:”


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is more toxic than failure.”

– Jeremy Fuller, IHC (local), 2/16/15

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If at the end of life, you make heaven – GOOD!!!

Nothing else mattered.

If at the end of life, you miss heaven – very VERY bad!

Because – – – NOTHING else mattered.    

– eab, 6/20/12

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I’ve been transported by mules

In South American mountain heights,

Packed in the bowels of a boat

Without windows or lights,

Been slid high overhead on trains.

And been stacked seven-deep in planes.

What a way to go!  What a chase,

For a missionary’s suitcase.


I’ve become a seat

Beside yon Africa’s dusty, lonesome trails;

Been a pillow to men

And women in foreign jails.

I’ve served as altar for a “bunch,”

And when its time for a quick lunch,

Over me they said their Grace,

Over a missionary’s suitcase.


I’ve carried the clothes of a bashful bride

With all that they could yield

And packed home the patched,

The frayed suits from India’s field.

Out went pretty new gowns and shirts;

Home came thin pants and ragged skirts.

I couldn’t always pack pink lace;

I’m a missionary’s suitcase.

– eab, Nov ‘91

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Undue emphasis on sports has “allowed” too many men to remain “boys.”

These supposed husbands have “forced” their wives to be their “moms.”

Some sons see her leading (dad is playing), imitate her, and

Sadly become effeminate.

– eab, 7/4/12

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