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Thanksgiving verse:

2Co 9.11

“Being enriched in every thing to all bountifulness,

which causeth through us thanksgiving to God.”

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“To hold strong convictions

you must have a big spirit

or you become a narrow bigot.”

– S D Herron, (uncertain date/location)

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Unreal World

Some people via drugs/drink slip into an “unreal world.”

Others allow sports/entertainment to be their world

of non-productivity and of non-reality.

– eab, 12/5/14

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Tis a blessing to me and my kin,

To have food, tall pantry and bin,

Our store is thick, not lean nor thin,

For all this I praise you Lord,

Living, Giving, Loving Lord.


It’s good to have clothes and more,

In dresser and behind closet door,

And shoes and boots on scattered floor,

For abundance I thank you Lord,

Great, Gallant and Faithful Lord.


Of far more blessings (by miles not feet),

Is the mate you allowed me to meet,

And four little Bryans to make us complete,

Thou who lovest family, Creative Lord,

My thanks for being a Love-making Lord.


Most of all I’m so grateful to be,

Redeemed and passed through my own Red Sea,

Through “Jordan” you also have guided me,

Redeeming and Sanctifying Lord, my Lord,

You surely deserve all the praise I afford.

– eab,  11/24/99

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“Innocent Party”

Be mighty careful Friend, in assigning the title “innocent party” (to one side after a divorce).  Unless you were there in every time they disagreed.  Unless you heard ALL she said, ALL he said.  I understand one may have committed a sex act outside of marriage – do YOU understand that the other may have failed to keep the “home fires burning”?  And too often – hear it – too OFTEN we are related to the so-called “innocent party.”  The other side may have a story too.

– eab, 2/24/15

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