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Psa 18.21 For I have kept the ways of the LORD, and

have not wickedly departed from my God.

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M W Knapp Quote

“Do you love to be corrected when in the wrong and

do you take such correction kindly?”

– Martin Wells Knapp, from his book Christ Crowned Within

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God can only save those who KNOW they’re unsaved –

many church members (far too many)

do not realize they are NOT “born again.”

– eab, 6/1/12

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MY SON   [1]  

He is little and small,

Maybe two feet tall.

The hair is blond on his head;

That’s not brown but it’s better than red.

He doesn’t talk yet, not very much,

Course, that doesn’t make him easy to hush.

His legs are bowed a little bad,

But that just makes him like his dad.

He has some ways that are pretty cute;

One each occasion to suite.

He’s always playing, on the run;

He’s a fine boy.  He’s my son!

– eab, Dec ’65

[1] This is for our first son, Andrew, born ’64.

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God has Commands

God has Commands

– has grace for those Commands, and

then a reward (“out of this world” J) for keeping them.

The devil has Demands – then increased Demands, and

a “reward,” SADLY in inescapable hell.

– eab, 6/9/12

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