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Psa 18.22 For all his judgments were before me, and

I did not put away his statutes from me.

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“Pride – spending money that’s not yours

To buy things you don’t need

To impress people you don’t like.”

– D R Matherly, the man who said he was 5’18.” 🙂 (uncertain date/location)

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There is No Holiness

without Humility.

– eab, Nov 1989

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Was it barn, cave, outdoor stable?

It had no bed, no stool, no table.

What a beginning, what a place;

Such a poor reception to grace.

– Yet God loved, as only He’s able!

– eab,  12/2/06

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Eight (8) things that are NOT Charity:

* Speak with the tongues of men  

* Speak with the tongues of angels

* Have prophecy

* Have all faith

* Understand all mysteries

* Understand all knowledge

* Bestow all goods

* Give body to be burned

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