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Psa 18.35-36

“Thou hast also given me the shield of thy salvation: and

thy right hand hath holden me up, and

thy gentleness hath made me great.

“Thou hast enlarged my steps under me, that my feet did not slip.

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Uncle Buddy Quote

“When the Lord saved me He gave me something I never had

and always wanted.

When He sanctified He took out of me something I never needed

and never wanted.”

– “Uncle” Buddy Robinson, (uncertain of source)

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NWO? No.

You may be totally opposed to the New World Order

(Hope you are – you should be!)

but – – – unless YOU have THE New Birth

you will eventually join it.

– eab, 3/2/15

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He has no snowy evenings

Wherever he as gone.

Whether up the steeps of light

Or down the slide to non-dawn.

Unless the Lord of all weather,

The Worker of all that’s best,

Has snow in eternal heaven;

Snow with beauty but no mess,

Snow that falls but never stays

Or stays but causes no stormy days. 

– eab, Dec ‘01

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In the spring of ‘65

my wife, 9 month old son & I arrived at the south rim of the Grand Canyon after dark & slept (? 🙂 ) in our VW. Awake with the hint of dawn I got out, stepped the 2-3 yards to the guard rail and was struck with awe at my first sight of this place. The Depth, the Dimensions, the Design, the Detail – description was impossible, in mere words.

The saint will someday awaken in heaven to see God for the first time. He will have Depth & (unlike the canyon) have height. He will have Dimensions now only guessed at. He will have Divine Design hinted at but never comprehended. He will have Detail upon detail – enough to fascinate forever. The best of words (even under Divine Inspiration) have not fully prepared us for His Perfect Person. I’ve told people, “If you are within 100 miles, go see the Grand Canyon.

Sadly, some US citizens will never see it. Sadder by far (There is NO comparison.) the majority of earth’s citizens will not see God in peace. YOU can. Seek Him today.

– eab, 4/26/15

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