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Psa 18.27

“For thou wilt save the afflicted people; but

wilt bring down high looks.”

[ “high looks” another way of saying PRIDE.]

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C W Ruth Quote

“When a man does not want holiness

I know he wants sin.”

– C W Ruth, from his book, Bible Readings  

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One can believe the Christmas story,

even admire it

yet try to keep Christ in the manager (i.e. controlled).

– eab, 11/29/11

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Some want Christ’s “holiday,”           

Want the free time.

They refuse Christ’s “Holiness”

Rejecting purity – they accept slime. 

– eab, 12/19/09

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Why do some ministers “preach”

almost everyone into heaven?   Why?

Why do many people speak of “x” going to heaven? Again, why?

If minister or people would admit the deceased may have gone to hell, it would force them to think about hell and

they may know the life of “x”   was similar to their life – maybe uncomfortably so.

– eab, 11/14/15

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