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When God knew the timing was right

He ended four centuries of night.

Sent His ONLY to dwell with man

Fulfilling His ancient, bold, plan.

Into the world’s darkness came Light.

     When was God’s “when,” so long ago?

     The name “Augustus” lets men know,

     Luke links “Cyrenius” with that

     Reveals Herod with kingly “hat”

     These three big names the time-frame show.

Yet God left the month in the dark;

Chose not to give the date His “mark.”

We know not “the day nor the hour,”

They’re hid within His great power.

(Were unknown to Ussher and Clarke.)

     Scholars have guesses on the date

     Fall, spring, or inside winter’s gate.

     Guesses are all they are, no more.

     Exact day’s beyond a locked door.

     The “twenty-fifth” some seem to hate.

Some false god (who’s no god at all)

Or demi-gods – just men, though tall,

Pretend on that day to lay claim.

False god, false birthday – both are lame

Their date’s not likely history’s call.

     The fact stands – Jesus had a birth

     Was born one day, day of great worth.  

     (Has to be – though in deep disguise;

     Maybe doubled-up with bad guys.)

     Never deny; He came to earth.

Twenty-fifth or no, remember,

Christ’s greater than ALL December.

Never worship any small day.

Worship the Life, the Truth, the Way

December, through next November.                                             – eab, 12/7/15

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In the spring of ‘14 I built 16 sides/16 ends for 8 raised-garden-beds. Four got screwed together that spring and used for the ’14 garden. This spring the remaining sides/ends were assembled. Beds are approximately 8’ x 4’ x 2’. They have a 2×4 frame coated with boiled linseed oil & corrugated metal roofing inside so the soil doesn’t touch the wood. Had several small veggie crops.  Was in a garden store in early summer and saw 8 bunches of asparagus roots in a package for $7.  After looking at several you tube/internet sights I was “ready” J to plant. One whole bed is devoted to asparagus. On the ¼ acre God allowed us to get last summer we now have young cherry, plum, peach, apricot, apple and pear trees growing. Even had some cherries this year. Re-planted two rows of black raspberries and planted 4 high-bush-type blueberries.

In the last year (give or take) I’ve lost at least four Christian brothers. With these plus my age – death seems more real.  Friend – Let us read/study the Bible everyday (come back to the Classic KJV).  Let us pray, with obedience. And, Let us allow no earthly pleasure OR problem to hinder us from daily fellowship with Him which will easily transform into a Greater and Eternal fellowship, just beyond death’s door. If heaven is not your main goal you are headed for disaster.

May Rich and Bountiful Blessings be yours as you remember the Glorious, Miraculous Birth of Christ!


The Edgar A Bryans

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Everyday I thank God for our little paid-for home. For years I worked with Christian Education – the advice was (when starting a school) remember three things: “The first is Location, the second is Location, the third is Location.” God chose the spot of “Bryan Bungalow” 1) Location – within reasonable distance to stores, gas stations, library, fast-food, etc. 2) Location – within proximity of 7-8 holiness churches. 3) Location – we have no neighbor to the left and the right neighbor is many feet away. Across the road is a “park” with pastured-mowed-grass. The nearest tree is 150’ from the road, then comes the woods. As you ascend the knoll beyond you see, through the winter trees, the 40 acre lake below. I was an Ohio country boy and love being out of the city, yet with the three Locations the Lord planned for us. Our scenery is beautiful. 


We attend the Allegheny Wesleyan Methodist Church (Dublin) mornings when I am not speaking and Pastor Sproles has me in the pulpit some evenings. Last month I filled the pulpit both services on a Lord’s Day for the Pilgrim Holiness Church in Maryville, TN.  In addition the internet provides me an “Electronic Pulpit/Classroom.” I’ve had my blog www.separateholy.wordpress.com since the ’08 and been on facebook since about then. I joined Google+ many months ago, somehow lost that account and recently restarted G+. When I started my blog I asked God that one soul (at least) from each of the 6 (inhabited) continents to be in heaven as a result of it.  That prayer has been expanded to the other two ministries.  I’m a born teacher (knew I wanted to teach in the 8th grade) – pastoring is a type of teaching.  I dare not hope readers will always agree – they may never agree. I do hope truth shared will cause them to think – think and change.

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Our daughter Laura and husband were also in AK for a chunk of the summer, Daryl helping with the gym and Laura cooking for the crew. Months before she got there she was planning menus and ordering food (also for her cousin Susan Hunt) which had to be shipped in by barge.  Three of their four went north (Natasha chose to remain home) and were helpers. They celebrated their 25th anniversary there. Laura had turned 15 in AK and her Darla turned 15 in AK also.


Our daughter Heather and husband are finishing their last stint in Argentina as a family. They leave behind several friends from the Chinese community and some from the Hispanic one.  Lord willing, they return to OH where home schooling will continue for some younger ones and Kimberly will become a high school graduate. Two or more of the Dickinsons are learning Chinese (as is Uncle Daryl). Phillip plans to return from time to time to South America to teach/preach.


Moma Stel, my mother-n-law, continues to live by herself in Tennessee; made possible by the many “visits” her other daughter, Carole, makes to her. She and Carole were able to come see us in the early fall – now she has an idea what our place looks like when talking about it on the phone. It has been nice the last years that Martha can call her nightly. 


Martha’s health is about the same, with improvements since her stroke. I continue to have good health. Praise God.

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Dear Family AND Friends from the Earlier, Middle, and Later stages of Life,


God has blessed the Bryans through another year. Martha is a good woman but, truth be known, neither of us are worthy of His bestowed benefits – and they keep coming and coming, no end in sight.  I’ve tried to be thankful and continue to thank the Lord day by day. This letter is a proper place to again express gratefulness!  Hope you also are blessed.


Our son Andrew and wife Vonnie have a girl soon to graduate from college, another engaged to be married, a son who has become his dad’s right-hand-man, and three more sons coming up toward manhood. Andrew’s “Apex” did a huge gymnasium in St Mary’s, AK (bush job) and possibly employed someone you know.  As dad, I admire his ability to manage this – wish it had not been so much pressure for him. They do not plan on coming “outside” this winter. 


Our son Lincoln and wife Lyn had two major changes this year. Lincoln was asked to be the Administrator of Smith Mountain Lake Christian Academy www.smlca.org (Lyn works with him). It climbed from about 60 students (if I remember correctly) to 100.  The Other Event? – they became grandparents.  They gave us OUR 1st grandson and he and his sweet wife gave them Carson Walker Bryan. Kelsea had a good summer with friends and cooking for Uncle Andrew.

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