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Psa 18.43-44

“Thou hast delivered me from the strivings of the people; and thou hast made me the head of the heathen: a people whom I have not known shall serve me.

“As soon as they hear of me, they shall obey me: the strangers shall submit themselves unto me.”

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George Shaw Quote

“Nothing is more vital to Christianity

than the doctrine of the Divinity of Christ.”

– George Shaw, from his book, Spirit in Redemption  

>> NOT to be confused with George Bennard Shaw <<

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Sinners lose all

Saints will NOT have to change their GOD at death.

Sinners, who worshipped the world (or part of it)

will lose ALL their little gods at death.

– eab, 8/31/13

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WIFE >> please note date <<

I married you in my happy youth

Wife of my first love.

And year by year, I know the truth,

Our union was from above.


Because in you I find the arts

That I admire the most.

And our desires for united hearts

Are not an idle boast.


The habits and joys of one of us,

Are always some how shared,

And the burdens, come what must,

Are likewise mutually beared.


Yes, and you’ve the traits and likes

That a mother always needs.

To keep sweet, our sweet young “tikes,”

Blessed, little seeds.


So all in all, my love sweet,

You make a fine mate.

And if you’ll allow one repeat,

You make a fine mate.  

– eab, 12/18/66

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All things are/were created for God’s pleasure (Rev 4.11).

Man has made lava lamps & meandering screen savers moving to please man’s eye.

God can see and enjoy the movements of millions of sardines and sharks,

the paths of multitudes of ants and antelope, the mingled circles of stars and falling stars.

They (and zillions of other movements – micro and macro) are His “lava lamps.” 🙂 

– eab, 4/16/14

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