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Gen 1.1

“In the beginning God created

the heaven and the earth.”

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Wilcox quote

“There is no scripture to support their theory of separation of rapture and revelation

…proponents are mostly Calvinists.”

– L. D. Wilcox, from his book, Profiles in Wesleyan Theology [p 311]

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Christians should be the most authentic persons in our false-faced, dying-for-lack-of-reality society. Yet many “christians” are caught up in:

disney’s deceptions,

cultural fantasies, and

products of “science” fiction.  

–eab, 12/26/15

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I see God in a pansy so small,

In an oak, a mountain wall.

I see Him in the moon’s light ball,

In a canyon’s hall, a leaf’s bright fall.

I see Him over all. Do You?  


I smell God in the month of May,

In new mown hay, on a rainy day.

I smell Him in a salty bay,

In October’s gay, in the dew’s lay.

I smell Him in many a way.  Do You?  


I hear God in the wind’s toot,

In an owl’s hoot, in rain’s dilute.

I hear Him in the music of a flute,

In the drop of fruit, the bird’s “salute.”

I hear Him in rife pursuit.      Do You?  


I feel God in a baby’s skin,

In the grass thin, a grain bin.

I feel Him in a fish’s fin,

In a honey locust “pin,” feathers of a wren.

I feel Him “then.”                   Do You?  


I taste God in an apple so sweet,

In well-done meat, a nutty treat.

I taste Him in the product of wheat,

In salt’s feat, when spices meet.

I taste Him replete.               Do You?    

– eab, Jan. ’66

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A NEW you? A NEW you!

A new year?

We probably put too much emphasis on this date. (No one knows how accurate our calendar is/isn’t.) One thing we KNOW is the Lord of Glory has the awesome ability to make YOU new. You knew that? Well, have you allowed Him to do what only He can do? A new year fades into insignificance compared to a new YOU. No “right name,” No “lucky dice throw,” No “born in the right place.”

No. No. “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved…” Act 16.31.

– eab, 1/1/16

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